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About Us

Your Pet's #1 Vacation Spot

Don't leave your pet home alone unsupervised because you never know what could happen! Instead provide them with a fabulous stay at our kennel. We aren't your average kennel. All of our frequent flyers recognize the roads near our facility and immediately start jumping with excitement! Think of your favorite vacation spot, you got it? Well that is exactly how your pet will picture us! Do yourself and your pet a favor and give us a call today!

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Who We Are

Happy Campers has been open since 1998. Owned and operated by Tina Currie and managed by Erica Hickman Zeegers. In 2018 Erica took ownership and has never looked back! Happy Campers is situated on five acres of peaceful countryside just north of downtown Vacaville, California.

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Why Choose Happy Campers?

  • We have climate-controlled indoor runs and large outdoor runs for your dog(s)

  • Our kitty condos are spacious and comfortable

  • We provide bath services

  • Owner/Operator has 20+ years experience in the dog training industry

  • Open Sundays for pick-up (no more waiting until Monday to pick up your beloved pet)

  • Tender loving care for your pet(s)

  • We are highly recommended by local veterinarians and groomers

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While we offer "round-the-clock" care for our boarders seven days a week, our kennel hours are as follows:

Monday - Friday:

8-12pm and 4-6.30pm

8-10.30am and 4-6.30pm

4-6.30pm ONLY

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Thank You!

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